I'm an artist.

I have always had a talent for expressing my ideas artistically.


When I was in the first grade, I was heartbroken to learn that sea otters—still my favorite animal to this day—were facing the destruction of their ocean habitat. So naturally, at age 6, I started a sea otter awareness campaign through art. I created a series of sea otter posters to give to family members, post in classrooms, and staple to light posts. Sharing my ideas through art is the best way I’ve ever known.

After years of flexing my creative muscles, I've also developed a skill for expressing others' ideas artistically.

I translate clients' visions and ideas into something tangible using both my intuition and analytical skills. The henna tattoo in the photo below was the vision of a woman at a music festival who wanted me to visually portray the music of the band she came to see. The look of the Halcyon brand I created was designed gives its members a sense of pride and professionalism in the work they do. Whether it be an abstract emotional idea or a structured set of requirements, I am consistently able to adapt my lifelong artistic vision to transform thoughts into beautiful solutions.​